The Villain America Needs

The prologue to the legend of Nicholas J Fuentes:
     I was born 3 years before the World Trade Center fell; 5 years before Saddam Hussein fell; 10 years before the election of a fifth columnist to the Presidency; and 18 years before the stakes of a Presidential election were raised to the fate of a civilization.
     My timely birth allowed me to watch on the nightly news the spoils of the American experiment squandered for one final time before the dying gasp of a once exceptional people as the free world and economic abundance of Ronald Reagan was inherited by the lizard people. To understand how far the country has come from the virgin constitutional republic born of the Revolution to the corrupt, unitary technocracy of a new Statist century. From George Washington to George W. Bush.  Everyone knows the country is going to hell and if you don’t then you’re a liberal apologist arguing why the change your President promised you is all that it was cracked up to be. 
     My generation is the generation of hopelessness. They don’t see it that way because Buzzfeed can use upbeat stock background music, punchy graphics, and a self-righteous punk weakling to dress up cultural suicide as egalitarianism. But we know better. With George W. Bush we got a neoconservative Utopian who could not wage the culture war and when center right Dubya collapsed in 2008 we got a communist Islamist sympathizer whose entire candidacy and governance was wholly founded on the ignorance of the masses and a media that would just plain lie night after night.  And in 2015, it looked as though we would have the proverbial “more of the same,” “lesser of two evils,” “business as usual.” 2016 looked to be a grand orgy of stockholm syndrome induced cultural cuckholdry in which we, the free men and women of the United States of America, would grudgingly but unflinchingly elect either our third bumbling conservative Bush lite or our second white trash criminal Clinton. Having spent the entire century being blown up by IEDs in the desert. The worst economy since the great depression. The largest government in the history of the world. Flagrant lawlessness at the highest level. An invasion from the South and from the MidEast. An education system infiltrated and conquered decades ago by Marxists. A Bill of Rights in peril by the death of an actual conservative Supreme Court Justice, the last soul in the way of the loss of the republic. A terror state, a new Cold War, a billion people saying they own the ocean, more dollars in debt than atoms in the universe, Seth Rogen, boys are girls and girls are boys, facts are racist, feminism, infanticide as a right, Tumblr. 
     And then, with deliberate ambiguity, Donald Trump said of Mexico either that “they’re rapists” or they bring “their rapists,” and the rest is history. 
     This was the tipping point. Americans have had enough (I had to stop myself from typing this sentence with caps lock on). This is the time for a grassroots movement. Now is the time when the vulnerable underbelly of the sick bloated leviathan establishment is exposed – that panopticon monster of media, money, and government. Donald Trump has created an opening, we don’t know for how long and we don’t know if it’s big enough, but an opportunity for the American people to throw off the yolk of the new age orthodoxy which has enslaved us. Already a militia of Trumpian minutemen has risen to the battle cry of the mad as hell majority from the brilliant and iron willed Pat Buchanan to the most fabulous super-villain Milo to an army of alt-right meme machines. 
     My purpose has always been to promulgate and preach the good word of the American restoration. Of the Constitution, of individual liberty, and of free markets. And at last the time has come when fate of the nation rests in the hands of each individual voter, each opinion of each citizen, and each blogpost to affect the direction of the executive which leads this nation which leads this civilization. The eyes of the world are upon you now. The eyes of generations of Americans unborn are upon you. The time is now. America hangs in the balance. Western Civilization hangs in the balance. Freedom itself hangs in the balance!
     The purpose of this blog is not to educate and not to inform. There is too much “informing” and “educating.” How condescending that a jag off with a computer and an opinion claims the mandate to teach rational American minds. The purpose of this blog is to speak the truth as I see it, without apology, and in a purposefully mean way; because for far too long the rights of free Americans have been raped as the polite “good men” of politics have stood by arguing with civility and respect. As Ayn Rand said, “We owe no morality to those who hold us under a gun.” This blog is not for pretentious bon vivants or any pretentious tool throwing around fancy bourgeois french words. This is a blog for the good, humble people who long for the voice of America’s soul: a devilishly handsome 17 year old mischief maker with grit, a full head of hair, and some balls.

​Welcome to the Blog of Nicholas J. Fuentes, the Villain America Needs.