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State of the University Part 2

The Self Some concepts appear to us to be eternal. The categories of time and space don’t seem to be historically conditioned. They are truly grasped, and our notion of space does not seem relative to a moment in history. The notion of the Self appears to fall into the same ahistorical group of notions […]

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Sep 17

State of the University Pt 1

State of the University As it stands, a majority of the universities taking up the space at the top of rankings lists belong to the United States. Now I am well aware of the criticisms levied against university rankings systems. I believe they are a causal part of why the university system in America is […]

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Sep 11

The State of the Democrat Primary, part III

While in the previous two installments of this series we looked at candidates in the Democratic primary who have a serious, if not slight, chance to actually win the nomination, today we will look at three candidates who have virtually no chance of winning (unless some unforeseeable, drastic event occurs) but are still interesting and […]

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Sep 3

Master Narratives of Postmodernity

What is a Master Narrative? The master narrative of postmodernity is the proclamation that we have overcome all master narratives. As with all forms of relativism, the central claim inevitably ends up refuting itself. In asserting that there are no universal truths one finds himself asserting just that, a universal truth. In asserting the non-existence […]

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Sep 2

Who Gets to Be a Critic?

Why We Should be Pessimists Why is the right so reluctant to be pessimistic? Anyone following contemporary politics must have noticed the odd distribution of pessimism and optimism between left-liberals and right-liberals (TPUSA and their bedfellows). It is quite odd to think that conservatives of our day often defend the status quo in the face […]

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Aug 27

The State of the Democrat Primary, part II

Continuing from where we left off last week, this article will analyze the prospects of some more “underrated” candidates, who are still considered by mainstream experts and prognosticators to have some viable shot at the nomination. These candidates are: Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro and Tom Steyer. Beto O’Rourke O’Rourke is in many respects […]

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Aug 19

The New Sophistry of Liberal Thinkers

Taking Terms Hostage Any reader of establishment moral and political philosophy will come to notice a peculiar trend. Each writer begins their argument with a variant of the following: Given that we wish to uphold liberty, freedom, social justice, equity and gender equality we should then… And what follows is usually their milquetoast moral project. […]

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Aug 17

The State of The Democrat Primary, part I

This article is the first in a series which will look at the candidates running for the Democratic nomination, and give a realistic, un-ideologically biased assessment of their chances of winning in the Democratic primary, and later the general election. With the first two sets of debates done, it is at this stage of a […]

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Aug 9